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PSEA/LSS Collaborative

January 19, 2017

PSEA leadership reached out to Learning Support Services (LSS) to establish a method of communication between our respective offices. PSEA feels that LSS is “where the action is” and where district initiatives are designed and rolled out to the sites. To keep a consistent loop of communication, PSEA and LSS the PSEA/LSS Collaborative. We will […]

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LCAP – Your Input Needed

LSS has initiated a new process for gathering stakeholder input in preparation of the annual Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The new process will rely on data gathered by Site Teams consisting of the Principal, a teacher representative, classified representative and parent representative. LSS rolled out the process on January 10th and 11th, training teams […]

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Lonn Paul and Lori Sherman Join the Team

We are happy to announce that the vacancies for the offices of Secretary and 4th Member at Large have been filled by Unit II members. Lonn Paul, bus driver, Unit II, has agreed to serve as 4th Member at Large (replacing the retiring Doug Nicoll). Lori Sherman, a bus driver and behind-the-wheel trainer, Unit II, […]

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Labor Relations-Work Boot MOU

The Labor Relations team made significant progress on the Memorandum of Understanding regarding uniforms, safety glasses and work boots for those members who require them. We are close to signing off and are verifying which unit members currently¬†require¬†boots. The amount of the work boot reimbursement has been raised to $135 and we have learned that […]

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Sunshine Agreement for Unit II

A Sunshine proposal opening the remainder of the bargaining agreement for Unit II has been submitted for the January 17 school board meeting. We Sunshined a portion of the Health and Welfare Article in October so we could make improvements by the onset of Open Enrollment. The District will also present their Sunshine proposal on […]

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Negotiation Progress

January 13, 2017

PSEA’s Unit I negotiations are progressing slowly. January is normally the month we present a Sunshine proposal for successor negotiations, but we’re still working on the current contract. We seem to be stuck on Articles 5 and 9. On Article 5, Work Day-Week-Year, PSEA would like to see employees who are consistently picking up extra […]

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