This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing a very important case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association (read about it here). At the heart of the issue is whether or not unions have the right to collect agency fees from the nonmembers in the unit it represents. Should the decision determine that unions have no right to collect agency fees from its nonmembers, there could be a dramatic change in the stability, structure and strength of our Association.

Currently, in accordance with California state law, PSEA collects ‘dues’ from its members, and ‘agency fees’ from the nonmembers. Both members and nonmembers receive the same level of representation on all contract-related issues- all of the workplace rights guaranteed to you under our bargaining agreement. When the Negotiation Team goes to the table on issues such as health & welfare costs, wages, restoration of positions and vacation, they are representing ALL unit members, dues payers and agency fee payers alike. ALL unit members will benefit from the negotiated improvements to the contract.

Unlike some larger unions, PSEA has not engaged in donations to city, state or national election, parties or political agendas. We have, however, engaged in our local school board elections, in the interests of and at the request of the membership. We are an independent, PUSD-only, member-run organization and members have a say on how our dollars are spent.

Tell us what you think about the collection of agency fees from non-members.

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