Special Education Advisory Committee


Joint Communication

Helpful Information & Resources 

Specialized Academic Instruction – Definition and Description as prepared by the Special Education Division, California Department of Education

Least Restrictive Environment – Definition and FAQs as prepared by Disability Rights California

People First Language – CA Bill ACR 60

Long Term Outcomes Services Inclusive Self-Contained Siblings

Reference Articles and Videos of Success with Inclusion

Study shows students without disabilities recognize benefits inclusive schools

Inclusion matters for all 

Inclusion Article

Success for all students in inclusion classes


Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team

PUSD Special Education Review

FCMAT Key points from Executive Summary:

  • Continuing challenge in funding the costs for special education students
  • Position control
  • Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • Identification rate 11.5%, .8% higher than the 10.7% statewide average
  • Minimal progress in complying with LRE
  • Staffing formulas & under-staffing of IAs in mild/moderate programs
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