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2018 Health and Welfare Negotiations to begin on September 14th, 2018. Please stay tuned for updated details.

PSEA and District Reach an Agreement on Health and Welfare for 2019 That Shields Classified Employees From Rising Premiums

At the October Board of Education meeting, the School Board voted unanimously to approve two memorandums of understanding (MOUs) between PSEA and the District to protect classified employees in both Unit I and Unit II from premium increases for 2019. Under the MOUs, the District will contribute $1.14 million from the District’s general fund and PSEA will contribute a combined $362,430 from its units’ post-retirement benefit funds to off-set premium increases for classified employees. In addition, these MOUs resolve a long-standing issue between the parties over certain contributions to those post-retirement benefit funds.

While PSEA and the District still need to discuss structural changes to health and welfare that will ensure ALL benefitted District employees continue to pay the same out-of-pocket costs for health and welfare benefits, this agreement is an important victory in protecting classified employees from the most recent premium increase. With Open Enrollment for the 2019 benefit year starting today, PSEA Unit Members can take comfort in knowing the out-of-pocket costs for each plan will remain similar to last year.

Strength in unity!



Your PSEA Unit I and Unit II Negotiations Team

Linda Farmer

Diane Zimmermann

Doug Crooks

Yoenda Dornan

Sandie Garrett

George Haughelstine

Lonn Paul

Courtney Martin

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