Member Resources

Membership entitles you to some added benefits. Please use the resources on this page to maximize your PSEA membership.

PSEA’s mission is to promote the well-being of our PSEA community (that’s you) through a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with District Administration and the PUSD Governing Board. As an independent, member-run organization, it is your membership that makes us strong and effective. Make sure your a member by filling out the Membership Application and send it back to the PSEA office to have access to all the benefits that membership entitles you to.

Member Center

Have questions about your Union and membership? Check out the PSEA Member Center

PSEA Scholarship

PSEA offers a scholarship to members and their family.

Member Discounts and Benefits

Get more information on extra member discounts PSEA has to offer

Retirement Academy

Do you want to plan for your financial future but don’t quite know how? Check out the PSEA Retirement page

Get Involved

PSEA is is only as strong as it’s members. Check this out to get more information on getting involved in your Union

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