Professional Learning Advisory Board

The Professional Learning Advisory Board (PLAB) is a group of selected employees and district appointed supervisors. The purpose of this group is to create, develop and support a structure of professional development opportunities that foster learning individually and collaboratively.


Advisory Board Members

Courtney Martin President PSEA
Tania Rowe Professional Learning Coordinator PSEA
Tina Ziegler Principal WVHS
Gina Hull-Zanolini Parent Liaison SPED
Matthew Lenz Asst. Director of Facilities FAC
Jeremy Lyche Director of Personnel Commission PCC
Pauline Moroz Categorical Specialist LSS
Gale Ching Instructional Assistant II ABES
Christina Abosamra Instructional Assistant II PMES
Christina Figone Office Assistant II PHS
Alexis Knapek School Administrative Specialist II CTAAE
Debbie Nielsen Administrative Assistant II Tech& Innov

PLAB (Professional Learning Advisory Board) for Classified Employees welcomes our new Board Members: Christina Abosamra, Alexis Knapek, Debbie Nielsen, and Christina Figone.

The Professional Learning Advisory Board (PLAB) Members are committed to advocating, researching, and connecting professional learning needs and offerings in the workplace.

Our new Board Members will begin working closely with those that have submitted CLCs proposals to assist with finalizing proposals, gain CLC approval through PLAB, mentoring, and providing assistance through every step of the CLC process for facilitators and participants. We appreciate their commitment and dedication to the development of our classified staff members.    Welcome!

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