Professional Learning

As outlined in Article 14.19 of the Poway School Employees Association Contract, PSEA and the PUSD share a commitment to ongoing professional growth by PSEA bargaining unit members.  Through the contributions of PUSD, our unit will receive budget annually to support ongoing professional learning opportunities.  The PSEA Professional Learning Advisory Board was created to develop and oversee professional learning opportunities that are aligned with the District goal, are job embedded and closely related to professional responsibilities.

Click on “Resources” under the Professional Learning tab to find an assortment of free online courses and offerings including mandatory trainings and opportunities for continued professional development.  Stay healthy and safe!

PSEA Professional Learning Mission:

As an integral part of Team PUSD, we strive to advance professional practices and student results through a comprehensive system of professional learning that:

  • Allows each individual to personalize learning
  • Provides multiple formats
  • Supports collaboration, inquiry and problem solving

PSEA Professional Learning Vision:

All PSEA unit members engage in a collaborative culture of continuous learning so every student succeeds.


Your Professional Learning Coordinator is Julianne Phillips! You can reach her by calling the PSEA Office at 858.842.4980 ext 103 or by emailing

Learning Letters:

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Google, Canvas, Chrome Apps and Zoom 8.28.2020

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April 2020 Learning Letter

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