Fall 2020 Resources:

Resources for Instructional Assistants and Paraprofessionals

Collection of Professional Learning Resources (click link below) created by PUSD staff during the spring and summer of 2020 with topics relevant to IAs.  We recommend collaborating with your site team on topics that would be a priority for fall virtual learning:

Resources included are:  Flipgrid, Google (Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, etc), Barton, Zoom, Benchmark, Lexia, Seesaw, Kami, Loom, Desmos, Think Central Math, Virtual Calming Room, Social & Emotional Learning… name a few.

IAs in the Virtual Classroom

Laura Mueller and Stephen Whitaker’s Resource Video (30 mins)

SDCOE Link to recorded Webinars for PUSD:

Chrome Applications, Google Classroom, Google Suite and Intro to Zoom

Click image above to access tools

Click image below to watch video 


The PUSD Zoom for Education and Canvas courses have been created through Canvas. The Technology & Innovation Department has been working throughout the summer to create virtual learning platforms.  Access to these courses will be automatically populated in the Canvas dashboard on 8/28.   Steps to access Canvas:


Video of Google Drive Training for Classified Staff: Passcode: ?vR1JH&X


 Click to watch:   Webinar recordings of trainings that were offered  8/17 through 8/24

In addition to the above records, there are a large number of resources available on the PUSD Digital Teaching Resources (click on links below):
Google Suite tips and tricks:
Zoom in the Digital Classroom:
Canvas Overview and Tips & Tricks:
Tool Resources(Including Google Classroom, Seesaw, Flipgrid, Newsela, etc):

Resources from the Pre-Session Trainings (8/28, 8/31, and 9/1)

Job Application and Interviewing Skills (August 28, 2020):

Common Spanish Phrases in a School Setting presentation

Basics of Excel presentation

Google:  Mr. Alfredo Hernandez’s How To Short Videos:

  1. Getting Started with Google Docs –
  2. Signing in to Google Drive –
  3. Files in Google Drive –
  4. Moving Files –
  5. Sharing Permissions –
  6. Tables, Graphics and Images –


Updated Content Available through Learning

Learning Google Classroom 2016
Teacher Tech Tips
Learning to Teach Online
Learning How to Increase Learning Engagement
Balancing Work and Life as a Work from Home Parent
The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
How to be an Adaptable Employee During Change & Uncertainty

Contact for a free license

SDCOE Webinars and Resources:

The San Diego County Office of Education’s Professional Learning and Technology Research Team has created distance learning resources to help facilitate virtual learning – see picture below for categories available on the above  site link (click picture to see bigger image):

Summer 2020 Resources:

Google Docs 1 and Google Docs 2 recordings of classes offered by Mendy Glogowski of CTAE in April, May and June to PUSD staff. These are available and accessible to anyone that signs into Google with their PUSD account:

Google Docs 1:

Google Docs 2:

For those wanting more comprehensive and advanced Google training:

Learn the basics of G Suite for Education (click title to access link)if you are interested in more extensive Google Training.  This site provides 13 units of “basics” with lessons and a progressive set of tips designed to help educators make the most of Google’s classroom technology.


Here are new Webinars hosted by national experts from Kaiser Permanente and partner organizations, to assist with the uncertainty of the times, the new “normal” of school and stress management:

Each webinar offers insights and ideas for educators, family caregivers, and school staff to care for themselves and others during this time, as well as how to prepare for a return to school in the coming months. Titles of webinars include:  “Planning for the Next Normal at School”, “Supporting Mental Health and Well-Being during School Reopening”, “Navigating Uncertainty:  Stress Management for Educators”, “How Schools can Partner with Families during Distance Learning”, “Comprehensive Self-Care for Educators”.   Click below to access:

Resources for Schools to Address the Coronavirus

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