PSEA Conducting Site Representative Elections

Your PSEA Board of Directors is committed to the goal of keeping Members “in the know” about contract negotiations, labor relations, professional learning opportunities, and general items of interest to the unit. Since we have grown to over 1500 unit members, instituting a strong Site Representative policy has never been more important. Click Here for more information…
This year, we are launching a pilot program to elect our Site Representatives. One representative will be elected from every elementary school site, Food & Nutrition and the Twin Peaks Center. Two representatives will be elected from every middle and high school site (and D39C), and the District Office. We are hoping that elections will be a successful way to recruit energetic and committed Site Representatives who will be liaisons between the Members and the Board and keep the “Member” in our “Member-Run” Association. For your time as a Site Representative, you will receive compensation in the form of a $20 gift card for every meeting you attend!
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